Bodyweight Training

How does one get swole without weightlifting? This is very possible, and I’m living testimony.  For years in the California penal system, I and countless other individuals were able to achieve shredded physiques, and some of us even put on size.

Genetics of course has a role, but work ethic many times will be a key contributing factor for an individual’s gains. Fitness was a lifestyle for many of us in prison. It was a way to find solace and to relieve stress. Prison is filled with killers and violent people, so it is important to be able to protect yourself .  The only way to do that is through developing  your body into a weapon or contraband such as homemade shanks made out of common household objects like toothbrush and eating utensils.
Now that I have given you the reasons to why individuals in prison would want to get swole, I’ll tell you a few examples of how this is achieved.
Your body grows when you rest. As you know, prisoners are in their cell most of the time resting. When you’re not doing push-ups, you’re probably resting.   However, don’t use rest as an excuse to be lazy.   As you become more consistent with training, your body will learn how to adapt with putting more and more hours and going harder each time.
Prison food is  not the best,   But it’s consistent and feeds you the basics.

If you’ve seen my 500 series, you know about my 500 reps! 500 push-ups a day  was one of my routines. Sometimes even more.  A prisoner may not have access heavy loads of weights but will make up for it through repetitions.
The basics
In prison you don’t have access to fancy machines and gadgets. It’s simply repping out the basics .   Push-ups, crunches, burpees, handstand push-ups, and pull ups to name a few.  Calisthenics are the ultimate exercises to achieve a shredded physique as your engaging many muscle groups in one exercise.
In addition to the basics, prisoners are also forced to become creative. Discovering different ways to use the human body, leverage, and sometimes a nice bonus could be to sneak in such as muscle bands.
There aren’t many positives about being locked up 24 hours a day for years at a time, but you could say one is following workout schedule consistently. Not only training, but as mentioned above your nutrition is also consistent.
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