Water is an essential part of life. You must drink it daily, and constantly stay properly hydrated.  If you don’t, not only will you have poor training sessions, but your life will become miserable.
Water consumption also depends on your lifestyle.  It makes up around 60 percent of your bodyweight.  The common rule for the average person is to drink 8 cups a day (8 ounce cup).  If you are an athlete or active individual, and I know many of my fans are working out, you must drink more!  If your weight is more than the average person, drink more water.  Generally, most of us could use extra water in our lives.  Yes you can overdo it with water, but most of us aren’t at that level.
Benefits in fitness-
If you are training and do not hydrate properly, whether it is a day before the weightlifting training session or the day of training, chances are you will end your workout early.  You might suffer heat exhaustion, dehydration, and muscle cramps. For longer quality workout sessions, hydrate! Hydrate in advance. Don’t go in to your workout, and half way through drink water when you feel dehydrated.
Bodybuilders consume many supplements and foods that aren’t the healthiest, and do so in large quantities.  Water will help rid some of the toxins from the body.
Many studies claim that water can assist in weight loss. One way its looked at is suppressing appetite if a large amount of water is consumed before a meal.  Another method as mentioned earlier is it will give you a better workout by eliminating factors of having to end your session early.
Drinking water should also replace other drinks that are filled with calories and sugars. Before choosing what to drink, quench your thirst with water and think of the gains you’ll make. By the time you’ve hydrated yourself with water, you won’t crave that soda!
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